BASICS: How To Choose The Fishing Rod – Beginners Guide

The decision of which fishing rod to use is the most difficult for a beginner fishermen. Many new anglers find it difficult to choose a beginner fishing rod among the many options available. Facing with the same questions, is it too long or too short? Flexible or stiff? Graphite or fiberglass? It is easy to learn how to choose the right fishing rod for novice anglers. Both sets of anglers should be able to answer the same set of questions:

  • Where will you be fishing?
  • What kind of bait will you use?

When you have the answers to these two questions, it will be easier to match fishing rod types with their uses. You can choose the best fishing rod for you catch, no matter if it is a beginner or an advanced fishing rod. Understanding the differences between these important pieces of gear will help you make the right choice.

  • When choosing a fishing rod, it is important to remember that every fishing rod has a combination of strength and flexibility. While stronger rods are capable of casting heavier lures or bait, they will not be as sensitive to strikes from fish. They may also not be flexible enough to use a lighter line. Although lighter rods can be more sensitive than heavier rods, they are not strong enough for larger fish.
  • There are many lengths available for rods. Rods that are shorter have more power to fight a fish, and are often used for trolling or big game fishing. Longer rods cast further — surf casting rods or fly rods can reach up to 14 feet. These rods can be disassembled into four pieces to make it easier for transport. Most rods over 6 feet are one-piece.
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You will need to know what you are fishing for before you can pick the best fisherman’s rod. Spinning rods are great for beginners and general-purpose fishing. They can be used with lighter lures and baits. Casting rods are great for throwing artificial baits, plugs and heavier jigs.

A fishing rod can either be made from fiberglass or graphite. Fiberglass is more durable and flexible than graphite, but it can also be cheaper. Graphite, which is lighter and stiffer than graphite, is more susceptible to damage, but it’s also easier to get damaged. You can also find hybrid rods that combine both graphite and other materials. It’s like any other piece of fishing gear. You will be most comfortable with the fishing rods you choose. Almost all beginners begin with fiberglass rods.

After you have chosen a style and material to match your lure, or bait, you will need a rod that is the right size for the line. Now you can choose the right reel for your rod, and then go fishing.

The video below will help you in choosing your first fishing rod.