Can Xiao use The Catch?

Free-to-play weapons like The Catch don’t actually help Xiao, as his Elemental Burst does not register as Elemental Burst Damage. You can use the Lithic Spear if you were lucky enough to get it, or you can save your Starglitter and buy the Blackcliff Pole from the Starglitter Shop.

What’s the best f2p weapon for Xiao?

What is the best Xiao weapon? The Primordial Jade Winged Spear is made for Xiao and has its own rerun in this update’s weapon banner. It has one of the highest attack stats of any polearm and a secondary stat that boosts the user’s critical hit rate. Best of all for Xiao is the passive skill, Eagle Spear of Justice.

Is Xiao Elemental Burst damage?

Although Xiao’s damage mostly comes from the Elemental Burst, the skill itself has a high energy requirement. Players will need to collect 70 energies to use this skill again.

Is C1 Xiao worth it for F2P?

Are Xiao Constellations Worth It In Genshin Impact? Sadly, a small investment for Xiao’s copies isn’t worth it. His C1, C2, and C4 provide more utility than damage.

Is Hu Tao FTP friendly?

Hu-Tao can constantly apply Pyro on enemies, which makes Dragon’s Bane a superb choice for free-to-play players. She can easily dish out 50K plus damage with an unoptimized build, and if you happen to grab all the right artifacts, Hu-Tao can scale past her peers.

Does Xiao need crit rate?

There’s not a real number for how much is good for him, but just try to get as much as possible while keeping his crit rate above ~65%. Crit rate is more important. Try to aim for at least 160%.

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What is Xiao’s signature weapon?

Primordial Jade Winged-Spear is Xiao’s signature weapon and is the best weapon players can get for him. The 5-star Polearm offers a 674 base ATK and 22.1% Crit Rate. The passive is tailored for Xiao as his signature weapon and allows him to deal explosive damage during his Elemental Skill or Bursts.

Who is better Xiao or Hu Tao?

Xiao is easier to build and more consistent. He has the highest base ATK in the game (whereas Hu Tao has the lowest). Xiao also has better AoE, higher scaling on his normals and plunging, and the #1 DPS (damage per second) potential in genshin.

Is SAYU a good healer for Xiao?

Sayu is an Anemo character who’s also a healer, and can double as Anemo support for Xiao, which is already a bit overkill. That’s because Raiden Shogun will more or less provide all the energy that Xiao needs.

Who is a good battery for Xiao?

Because same-Element Particles would grant a larger sum of Energy, Xiao’s best Battery would include characters like Sucrose, Kazuha, Jean, and Venti. There are two types of Genshin Impact Battery characters; some generate plenty of Elemental Particles, and others grant a flat Energy restoration.

Which is better Xiao or Ayaka?

I would say that Ayaka is better because of how many teams and roles she can fit into. Whereas Xiao is something of a selfish dps and is really only useful for his ultimate- which don’t get me wrong he is good at what he does but it still doesn’t allow room for flexibility.

Is Xiao or yelan better?

Yelan has proven herself to be one of the best sub-DPS characters in the game, while Xiao has an awesome track record as a hypercarry DPS. There can only be one for those who don’t want to bore a Chasm-sized hole through their wallets.

What are the best 4 star weapons for Xiao?

For crit damage, there’s only one weapon: the Blackcliff Pole. In terms of 4-star weapons, this is the best choice in most instances. Do note that the passive is entirely situational and is of no value in a 1v1 scenario. The substat, however, makes this weapon a great choice.

Is yelan F2P friendly?

Yelan has several free options that offer just as much utility as the spotlight weapons and work in much the same way.

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Is halberd or white tassel better for Xiao?

White Tassel is a bit better than Halberd, since it gives increase Critical Rate, which is in conjunction with Xiao’s ascension stat bonus.

Is polearm Starglitter good for Xiao?

3) Blackcliff Pole Foes will also grant him some extra damage when they are defeated, making this a great weapon to clear out lots of enemies. This weapon can be acquired from the in-game Starglitter Shop, and it is definitely worth picking up for Xiao.

Is Raiden good with Xiao?

Players lucky to have the Raiden Shogun know she is a terrific battery for any team. It might seem strange to pair her up with Xiao at first, but the two characters can work excellently together as a pair of DPS units. The game plan is simple: Swap to the other unit when one of their Elemental Bursts is down.

Is F2P ITTO good?

Genshin Impact’s newest 5-star character Arataki Itto is a powerful Geo main DPS who is surprisingly easy to build for F2P players. Itto utilizes plenty of F2P weapons and dishes out tons of damage with low investment. This makes him ideal for anyone looking to integrate Geo damage into their teams.

Who is more F2P friendly Ganyu or Xiao?

In terms of weapons, Ganyu is far more F2P friendly compared to Xiao.

Is albedo F2P friendly?

Among the available F2P-friendly characters, Albedo is easily one of the most qualified. The Chief Alchemist of the Knights of Favonius is an amazing Sub-DPS whose Skill scales with DEF.

Is Yoimiya F2P friendly?

Yoimiya is a powerful character with potential for several different builds, and now that a few other support characters have released since Yoimiya first appeared, she has the potential to be even stronger than ever – even if you’re entirely F2P .

Is Xiao hyper carry?

Xiao is a Hypercarry, so the more you can afford to invest in him, the better.

How can I get high ATK for Xiao?

Using the two-piece Gladiator’s Finale increases Xiao’s attack by a whopping 18%, and the Viridescent Venerer set provides a 15% damage bonus to all Anemo attacks. This is very useful when using Bane of All Evil as both of these artifact sets synergise to deal the highest amount of damage possible.

How many times can Xiao plunge?

Xiao can perform up to six consecutive spear strikes, and when charged, his normal attack consumes stamina to perform an upward thrust.

What is Kaeya’s signature weapon?

By far, the best weapon you can use with Kaeya is the Skyward Blade. This is a 5-star sword that is best used for Cryo DPS builds. This weapon increases your Critical Rate by up to 8 percent and gives you the ability to use Skypiercing Might when you initiate an Elemental Burst.

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Is Death Match good on Xiao?

Deathmatch is a useful weapon on Xiao that players can acquire from Genshin Impact’s battle pass. This weapon provides Xiao with a ton of Crit Rate, which can all but guarantee a great critical ratio. While the weapon’s passive is perfectly serviceable, it doesn’t do much to augment its power.

Is the burst passive good for Xiao?

No, Xiao does not benefit from it’s passive and ER% main stat isn’t good for him either No the burst passive is like Noblesse and doesnt benefit Xiao Xiao’s burst isn’t really burst damage, so it won’t work with him ulted AA and plunge don’t count as burst damage and you are losing a potential crit, or atk% mainstat weapon for a ER% substat weapon.

Is Xiao good in Genshin Impact?

Xiao remains one of Genshin’s strongest Anemo characters, and performs well as a main DPS choice. He can sweep through enemies with ease and dish out tons of damage with his unique plunge attacks. Fans who have been waiting for their chance to summon for Xiao will want to prepare for his arrival with a powerful weapon.

Is Xiao Xiao worth watching?

This, combined with the interesting history of Liyue’s Yaksha, makes him a character worth really diving into, especially if you are a fan of Genshin fan theories. Xiao is known for his hardened personality, but those around him know that he has a kind heart.

What can you learn about Xiao from the cutscenes?

Through cutscenes, you can tell that Xiao isn’t one for idle conversation, so without pulling him, it can be hard to learn much about this stoic character. However, it’s worth looking for the knowledge as Xiao carries a large part of Liyue’s history with him.

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