Does fishing in the rain make a difference?

Seasoned fishermen always harness the advantage in different seasons to enrich their fishing experiences. Fishing in the rain has many benefits. You can literally dress out when there is a downpour and make the best of the fishing season. If you are among people who wonder if fishing in the rain makes a difference, then read on. 

So if you are wondering the following questions:

Do fish bite in the rain?
How does the rain help fishing?
And how do fishes behave when it rains in summer?

You will get all the information you need here. You will also learn some tips for fishing in the rain.

How does the rain help your fishing?

The rain can enhance your fishing experience in different ways. Whether you are fishing in the river or the lake, you can harness the power of the rain to bring in big catches and improve your personal best.

The rain can make river fishing more rewarding during summer. The flood from heavy rain that flows into the river carries lots of food for big fishes. Crawling things like worms and other small creatures are the favorite of big fishes.  They are usually in a frenzy to feed off these foods. This presents a strategic time to fish. Seasoned fishermen know how to take advantage of these periods to catch fishes like smallmouth, trout, etc.

The same thing is with lakes too, rain can also enhance your fishing experience during the warmest season. Lake fishes are usually more active under the water than on the surface during summer. The oxygen on the surface of the water is limited so there is not much activity on the surface. When there is rainfall, the surface of the water gets aerated and attracts fishes. This can make fishing in the lake at this time very productive. 

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Another reason why the rain can also enhance your lake fishing experience is that the rain disturbs the water surface as it falls and makes it murky. This will limit the fishes’ ability to see. You can cast your bait and catch fishes with relative ease because they will not see you coming as much as they would at other times.

fishing in the rain

Tips For Fishing in the rain

If you think of taking advantage of the next rainfall to go fishing, then you can as well set out to make the best of it. Here are some pro tips to help you:

Dress for it

If you want to go fishing in the rain, you need to dress for it. The weather can be cold during the rains, especially if you get wet. Therefore you need to protect yourself from the rain while you fish. You need to go in your hooded rain suit and rubber boots and socks. To ensure your boot remains dry, you need a pair of gaiters. 

Take along the right gear

When the water is murky and fishes are roaming about trying to feed on small fishes and other foods provided by flood-like worms, you can catch lots of big fishes. It is advisable to use large spinners. This is because a large spinner will allow for deep fishing and the fishes will most likely hit them more.

Fish at the right time

It is not every time of the year that the rain is beneficial to your fishing. The spring season is not the best time to fish while it is raining. Meanwhile, summer presents the best season to fish in the rain. Even if you fish after a heavy downpour, you can still harness the advantages of the rain during this season.

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A great time to fish is when there is water movement. The movement of the water will stir creatures underneath to the surface. Big fishes targeting these foods will be at your disposal to fish when they come to eat.

Be safety conscious

Although it is great to take advantage of rainfall to fish, it is not advisable to go fishing when the weather becomes dangerous. The presence of thunder and lightning should make you call it a day. Never go out to fish in wild weather. 

rain fishing

Increase the fishes’ ability to see your bait

Fish visibility is greatly reduced when it rains. The water is murky and the fishes cannot see through to the surface clearly. This is advantageous to you because the fish will not see you coming. However, this can also reduce the fish’s ability to see your bait. 

You can help the situation by incorporating some methods into your fishing that will make the fishes see your bait. Using a colorful bait will draw the fishes’ attention fast. You can also trouble the water to draw the fish’s attention. You can use crankbaits or any other kind of noisy tackle.


Is fishing in the rain advisable?

Yes. Fishing in the rain is advisable because it can enhance your success. However, you should take note of the weather and avoid dangerous situations. If it is raining with thunder and lightning, fishing is not the best thing to do. 

Are fishes active during the rain?

During the rain, fishes are active and can actually bite. However, they are not as active as in other seasons. Fishes are usually settled under the water during the summer. But the rain creates a favorable situation for fishing by aerating the surface of the water and making the fish more active.

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Is it best to go fishing before or after the storm?

Fishing after the storm is most preferable. This is because the fishes are active and usually go after food washed into the river or lake by the flood. This is a strategic time that anglers usually target to bring in many catches.


Fishing in the rain has lots of advantages like making the fish active to make catching them easier. However, you have to know how to harness them. Using the right gear and targeting the right time to harness the rain will help you have a great fishing outing in the rain.

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