The Guide On How To Clean A Fishing Reel – Simple And Easy!

Fishing is definitely fun until you have to clean the reels once in a while. To keep it nice and clean, everything needs to be maintained properly. Fishing reels are no exception.

The type of water you fish in will determine how often cleaning is necessary. If you fish in clear and pure water, the frequency you need to clean your reel will be less than if you fish in dirty water. This is a simple and obvious reason.

It all depends on the water. A clean reel is essential for fisherman who fish in muddy waters. However, if the reel is used in clean water, then only one cleaning per week is necessary.

A clean fishing reel will produce maximum efficiency and give you the desired result. A dirty reel will only cause frustration and annoyance, as it can hinder the process. For anything to last, it is essential that you maintain it.

This article will show you how to clean your fishing reel using a step-by-step guide. Continue reading …!


Simple Steps: How to Clean a Fishing Reel

Below are the easiest and quickest steps to clean your fishing reel.

1. Take a look at the reel

We believe that the first step to cleaning a fishing rod is to decide what treatment it needs. As mentioned in the article, if you’ve been using the reel with saltwater you’ll need to clean it thoroughly. You will need to maintain each part, but if you have used the reel in freshwater, then you don’t need to put much effort polishing it. The first step is to determine the type of cleaning that is needed and then proceed as necessary. Let’s go to step number 2.

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2. Water and soap

You will need some soap and water to clean the reel. Soap for the reel and use any scrub to get rid of the dirt. Very simple, isn’t it? 

The soap and dirt can be washed off with some tap water. It is important to dry the reel completely at the end. If it is not dried, it could lead to rusting and corroding.

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3. Oil

Next, make sure you have the oil specifically designed for your reels. Cleaning the reels is only possible if you have oil. The oil should be sprayed at the end of the reel.

The oil sometimes come together with the reel. You might also find it from other brands. Fishing reels come in a wide variety. Choose the one that is most appropriate for you.

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4. Clean the parts separately

This step requires thorough cleaning. To properly cleanse your reel, you must clean each part separately. These parts include the rod, spool and guides. This step is not necessary on a daily basis. It is sufficient even if it is done only once per year.

You will need to separate the pieces and clean them with soap and a brush. These are the three basic steps to cleaning your fishing reel.

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5. Cleaning Kits

There are also cleaning products that can be used to clean fishing reels. There are many brands that sell these cleaning products. These kits can include many products. The kit could include oil, lubricants and brushes as well as screwdrivers.

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You can easily get one cleaning kit to clean your fishing reel, making it more efficient and productive. These kits are also very affordable so you can easily adapt them to your budget.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


1. What oil should you use for a fishing rod?

Avoid using oil that is too greasy as greasiness could hinder the reel’s performance. Synthetic oil is the best oil for your reel. Synthetic oils are very well balanced and make the reel’s performance smooth and easy. They are necessary to function.

2. Is olive oil safe to use on fishing reels?

Olive oil should only be used for cooking or to moisturize your skin. Olive oil is not suitable for use on fishing reels. Use only the oil that comes along with your fishing reels, or the one that comes with your cleaning kit. There are oils available from different brands that are specifically made for fishing reels. Use them to clean your fishing reel.

3. How can you remove corrosion from fishing reels?

You can use a home remedy to remove corrosion from your fishing reel. You will need to make a mixture of vinegar and baking soda. Mix the ingredients together to create a solution. Then, place the reel in the solution and allow it to rest for the night. The result will be clear the next day.

Last Thoughts on Cleaning a Fishing Reel

Fishing is an enjoyable activity that can bring out all your joy. You must also maintain your rod to keep it in good condition.

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The cleaning process can be divided into two steps. The first is regular cleaning you can do every day. The other is more thorough and requires you to clean each part individually. All parts can be put back at the end.

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