What does ph stand for in editing?

(ph), a notation used in transcripts to indicate that the transcriber does not know the spelling, usually of a name, and has spelled it as it was pronounced (phonetically)

What does the acronym pH stand for?

pH, explained The abbreviation pH stands for potential hydrogen, and it tells us how much hydrogen is in liquids—and how active the hydrogen ion is.

What is a pH page?

ph is the Internet country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for the Philippines.

What does pH mean in work?

A personal holiday (PH) is a paid day off credited to employees for use during the calendar year.

What does pH phone number mean?

Telephone numbers in the Philippines.

What is the use of pH?

Answer: The pH value of any solution indicates whether it is acidic, neutral, or basic. Also, it is used to determine the strength of acid and base. ( As we go from 7 to 1 the acidity of the solution increases i.e a solution with pH value of 2 is more acidic than a solution with pH value of 3.

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What does pH mean on twitter?

Do you mean on photocard listing on twitter/other platforms?? Ph in those cases in the abbreviation for the Philippines (meaning the seller/buyer is Philippines-based).

What is correct pH?

pH is the negative logarithm of hydrogen ion concentration in a solution. It tells us about the strength of an acid.

How do you write pH?

In chemistry, pH (/piːˈeɪtʃ/), historically denoting “potential of hydrogen” (or “power of hydrogen”), is a scale used to specify the acidity or basicity of an aqueous solution.

Does everything have a pH?

pH only has meaning in an aqueous solution (in water). Many chemicals, including liquids, do not have pH values. If there’s no water, there’s no pH.

What does pH stand for in woman?

What is vaginal pH? pH is a measurement of how acidic or alkaline (basic) a substance is. The scale runs from 0 to 14. A pH of less than 7 is considered acidic, and a pH of more than 7 is basic.

Does pH mean per hour?

Perhaps it’s just because I’ve been taught it’s either the hourly rate “/h” or per hour “ph” as in miles per hour (mph). Seeing both ways of expressing hourly rates is unseen to me outside of RuneScape and RS-related forums/videos.

What does F stand for phone number?

These letters indicate voice and fax telephone numbers.

What does M stand for in email signature?

Email signatures should match the general look and feel of business stationary in the UCCS Brand Identity Standards – Helvetica Neue when possible (or otherwise sans serif) with bold names, plain contact info, optionally small bold lowercase letters to signify what kind of number or contact info (f = fax, o = office, m …

What does M mean on a phone number?

M is the Roman numeral for thousand and MM is meant to convey one thousand-thousand — or million.

What does pH stand for woman?

What Is pH? So, we understand what vaginal pH balance is and what happens without it. But what is pH exactly and how do you test it? pH, which stands for potential hydrogen, is a scale from 14 to 0 that measures how acidic or alkaline a liquid is.

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What is a pH in biology?

pH, quantitative measure of the acidity or basicity of aqueous or other liquid solutions. The term, widely used in chemistry, biology, and agronomy, translates the values of the concentration of the hydrogen ion—which ordinarily ranges between about 1 and 10−14 gram-equivalents per litre—into numbers between 0 and 14.

What does pH stand for in organic chemistry?

Illustrated Glossary of Organic Chemistry – Phenyl group. Phenyl (phenyl group; Ph): A portion of molecular structure equivalent to benzene minus one hydrogen atom: -C6H5. Sometimes abbreviated as Ph.

What does pH stand for in pool water?

The pH level of pool water is a measure of its acidity. It is noted on a scale of 0 to 14, with a pH below 7.0 indicating the water is acidic. A pH of 8.0 means the water is basic or alkaline. Precisely between these two points is the proper pool pH level: 7.4 to 7.8.

Why is pH important to life?

If the pH of their body or their environment fluctuates too much the organism can die. This is particularly true for human beings. For example, blood is normally slightly basic, with a pH range of 7.35 to 7.45. If our body’s pH deviates slightly from this range, we will start to feel sick.

What is pH slide share?

PH It is the negative log of the hydrogen ion concentration. pH = -log [H+] ACID BASE BALANCE. 3.  pH is a unit of measure which describes the degree of acidity or alkalinity (basic) of a solution.  It is measured on a scale of 0 to 14.

What does pH mean Kpop?

The accompanying caption was standard for this sort of BNS group, beginning with the selling tags required of anyone who posts: “WTS LFB PH” or acronyms meaning “want to sell,” “looking for buyer,” and “Philippines.” It also contained all the other details you would normally see in a home listing (fully furnished, four …

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What does W mean in TikTok?

When someone writes ‘W’ on its own in response to a video, it usually stands for ‘win’ or ‘winning. ‘ In other words, people may use it to mean something like ‘winning at life’ if they want to congratulate the person in the video for something they have accomplished.

What does BTS stand for in text?

BTS Means “The Bangtan Boys,” “Better Than Sex,” and “Be There Soon.” The most common meanings for BTS in text-based messaging and chats used to be “Better Than Sex” and “Be There Soon.” However, BTS is now more often used to refer to the Korean boy band BTS (“The Bangtan Boys”).

Which of the following is true about pH?

The truth about the pH scale is If the pH value is greater than 7, the solution is basic. In the pH scale, the range from 1-6 which is below 7 indicates an acidic range again the range from pH 8-14 or above 7 indicates a basic range. The pH of 7 indicates a neutral range. Lemon juice is an acidic substance.

Who invented pH scale?

In 1909 Sørensen, a Danish chemist, introduced the concept of pH as a convenient way of expressing acidity.

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