What is the Average Cost of Fishing Charters in the Bahamas (Ultimate Guide)

The Bahamas offers some of the most amazing inshore and offshore fishing in all the tropics. Before going on a fishing trip, anglers should carefully review the charter fees in the Bahamas.

A Bahamas fishing charter trip that lasts 4 hours costs $567. 6 hours is $870. 8 Hours is $1107. 10 Hours is $1906. 12 Hours is $2336.

Anglers can easily access lagoons, grass flats and reefs from this fishing destination. Anglers can choose between inshore or offshore charters. To prepare for your Bahamas fishing trip, be familiar with the charter costs.

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Bahamas: Costs for Fishing Charter Trips

4-hour trips

For anglers who want to go on short trips, a 4-hour trip is the best choice. This trip is ideal for anglers who are interested in short trips.

It is possible to fish for several hours if you are fishing for pleasure or to learn basic angling skills. For anglers who prefer fly fishing, a 4-hour trip is a great choice. These trips enable anglers to fish inshore waters and in bays. Anglers can spend approximately 30 minutes to 1-hour travelling, and 3 to 3.5 hours fishing on 4-hour trips.

Anglers are limited in time and space for fishing in offshore waters during a four-hour trip. Anglers don’t have the burden of dealing with large waves.

For busy anglers or families who don’t have the time to fish for a full day, a fishing trip lasting 4 hours is an option. These trips allow fishermen to be flexible. Anglers can fish in the morning, afternoon or evening with a 4-hour fishing trip.

Anglers who are looking to catch big fish on their fishing trips should avoid 4-hour trips. For this reason, it is worth looking into longer fishing trips.

Trips lasting 6 hours

Although a 6-hour trip costs more, anglers get 2 hours of fishing time. Anglers don’t need to fish all day. These trips are called 3/4-day trips. According to 13 charters, 6-hour trips can be found in the Bahamas for an average $870. The highest price is $2640, and the lowest is $600.

Anglers fish nearshore waters on a 6-hour fishing trip. These trips take longer. Anglers are able to explore more places and spend more time fishing. Anglers can travel approximately 1 to 2 hours to reach the desired fishing spots. This means that anglers could spend approximately 4 to 5 hours fishing in the Bahamas.

Anglers can go further offshore with a 6-hour fishing trip. This allows anglers to travel longer distances and reduce their fishing time. For families, a 6-hour fishing trip is not an option.

8-hour trips

Based upon 15 charters, 8-hour trips to the Bahamas cost an average of $1107. The highest price is $1900, and the lowest is $850.

A full-day trip is an 8-hour trip. These fishing trips give anglers the opportunity to fish further offshore, visit more places and catch more fish. An 8-hour fishing trip increases the chances of landing a trophy. Anglers spend more time on the water, which is why 8-hour fishing trips prove to be more productive.

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Anglers can spend between 1 and 2 hours travelling, while 6 to 7 hours fishing on an 8-hour trip. It is important to remember that fishing in the hot summer months can be challenging. Anglers who fish in summer need to drink lots of water in order to cool down in the heat.

Anglers need to ensure that they have enough water to last for at least 8 hours. A sunscreen purchase is essential for fishing trips. Anglers should eat at least one meal.

10-hour trips

Based upon 19 charters, 10-hour trips to the Bahamas can be found for an average of $1906 with the highest being $2200 and the lowest being $1600.

Anglers who are avid anglers would like to spend more time on the water. They might consider booking a longer fishing trip to the Bahamas. Anglers often choose to fish in offshore waters, as they can take 10-hour trips.

These trips enable anglers to reach remote areas, go further offshore and catch more species. The journey to the best fishing spots takes about two hours. Fishing takes fishermen about 8 hours.

But 10-hour trips can only be made if the weather permits anglers to fish for an extended period of time. It’s not easy to predict the weather conditions for long fishing trips in the Bahamas. A fishing trip can be cancelled if the weather is not good. Anglers can choose to get a full refund or to have their fishing trip rescheduled.

12-hour trips

Book a 12-hour fishing charter in the Bahamas if you want to spend more time out on the water. Based on 9 charters, 12-hour trips to the Bahamas cost an average of $2336, with the most expensive being $3200 and the lowest being $1900.

These fishing trips can be very long. Professional anglers who want to land a trophy are advised to take such trips. Anglers have plenty of time on fishing trips. Anglers who take 12-hour trips can make the most of their Bahamas fishing adventures. Anglers should ensure they have enough water and food when planning for a 12-hour fishing trip.

Anglers should be aware that bad weather can often make 12-hour fishing trips unachievable. Fishing can be dangerous due to strong winds and powerful storms. If captains notice bad weather, 12-hour fishing trips can be cancelled.

credit: Hunter Charters

Recommendations for Fishing Charters in the Bahamas

These charters based in the Bahamas have received great reviews from anglers. They will provide you with a fantastic service. They are friendly and knowledgeable and will put you on fish.

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Bahamas Seasonal Trip Cost Breakdowns


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The Bahamas has great spring fishing. Between April and May, fishing is more productive. Anglers have the option to fish inshore or in deep waters during spring. Planning Bahamas fishing trips is easy in spring.

The early spring is a great time to fish in the Bahamas. The demand for fishing is higher in the spring and charter prices go up in the fall.

It is better to book charters in spring if you are looking for longer trips. The spring months are not very hot in the region. It’s much easier to fish here. You’ll be able to spend more time on the water.

The Bahamas is a great place to fish in spring. Spring is a great time to fish for species such as amberjacks, bonefish and mahi-mahi.


In summer, there are more species in the Bahamas. Anglers often have great results in the summer months. August fishing is less productive than June and July.

The weather is important when planning Bahamas fishing trips. Anglers need to choose the right trip. It can be difficult to stay on the water for long periods of time. Anglers should book shorter trips in the summer heat. Anglers can choose to fish in the morning and evening, thereby avoiding the summer heat.

Important to remember that summer fishing trips in the Bahamas require special preparation. For fishing trips, anglers need to bring plenty of water and sunscreen.

The Bahamas’ peak fishing season is traditionally summer. Charters may not be available in this area. Anglers are advised to book ahead to secure a charter fishing trip in the region.

In summer, the Bahamas has a high demand for fishermen. Anglers who plan to fish in the Bahamas during summer must be prepared for higher charter prices.

Anglers have the opportunity to target summer species such as amberjack and bonefish, grouper (blue marlin), permit, snapper blue marlin, blue marlin and tarpon. The list could go on.


It is much more enjoyable to fish in the Bahamas in the early fall than fishing in the later fall. Rainy weather is possible in the early autumn. Poor weather can make fishing difficult. Between October and November, the best fishing conditions exist in this region. The late fall may be less productive for fishing. Flats fishing is preferred by many anglers during the fall months.

Anglers often overlook the fall months. The fall season is a less popular time to charter in the Bahamas. Anglers are able to book charters at lower prices in the fall season.

Anglers can fish in the area during the fall months if the weather permits. Anglers fishing in the Bahamas in the fall months can catch species such as amberjack, bonefish, grouper and snapper.


Many fish species become inactive during winter. Anglers still have the option to fish and can achieve great results. Winter is a good time to fish for wahoo in this region. The Winter months are a great time to capture trophy-sized wahoo.

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Remember that late winter is the busiest season in the Bahamas. Charters are often not available in February due to high demand. Charter costs can be higher so anglers should book their fishing trips in advance. Winter fishing trips in the Bahamas allow fishermen to target bonefish, grouper and mahi-mahi.

Bahamas Charters: Factors Impacting Costs

The demand for fishing in the area affects charter costs. Charter costs rise with increased fishing demand. Charters are in high demand during busy fishing seasons in the Bahamas. Most fish species are active in the area from late spring through early fall. Anglers should expect to pay more for charters between May and September.

Charter costs are also affected by gas prices. Fishing becomes more expensive if gas prices rise. The same applies to bait prices. If bait prices rise, fishing will become more expensive.

Anglers have the option to fish on weekdays and weekends. You can save money and avoid crowds if you go fishing in the Bahamas on weekdays.

Noting that charter prices rise when top-targeted species in the Bahamas are in season is also important. Many anglers travel to the area in the spring and summer to fish for permits and tarpon. Wahoo fishing is best done in winter. Seasonal fishing trips can be more costly.

Noting that popular events like the Bimini Wahoo Maihem Tournament are held in the region, charter costs can be high.

Shared Fishing Charters: What is the Cost?

Anglers can save money by booking a shared fishing charter. If you are on a tight budget, this trip is worth looking into. A shared fishing charter costs a flat fee.

Flat rates are a cost that is shared by a group of anglers. This means that each angler must pay the split cost. If there are more anglers on a fishing trip than you can afford, it is necessary to pay both a flat rate and the additional cost for each additional angler.

Charter Fishing: Additional Costs

Anglers must consider charter costs and additional costs when planning their fishing trip budget. Let’s discuss the additional costs associated with charter fishing in the Bahamas.

Anglers need to plan for their trip and have some extra items on board a boat. These items include food, drinks, water, and sunscreen.

When planning a fishing trip, anglers should be familiar with the rules and regulations of the Bahamas. To legally fish in the Bahamas, you will need a fishing licence. A charter captain may not provide a fishing licence. An angler must purchase one.

Charters may offer fish cleaning services. Some boats allow anglers to prepare the fish they catch. Anglers will need to pay more if they want their fish cleaned and cooked on a boat.

Fishing costs include charter fees and other costs. Anglers should therefore increase their budgets by 15% to 25% in order to cover these additional costs.

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