What is the biggest bass ever recorded?

World’s Record & Biggest Largemouth Bass. The world record largemouth bass was caught by George Perry in Montgomery Lake in Georgia in 1932. The world record bass was 22 pounds and 4 ounces.

How old is a 10 pound bass?

In a Florida study, 822 trophy bass (10 pounds and up) given to taxidermists showed a mean age of 9.7 years.

What is the biggest rock bass ever caught?

Rock bass are considered game fish throughout much of their range, the IGFA all-tackle world record for the species is a tie between 1.36kg (3lb) fish caught in York River, Ontario, Canada and Lake Erie, Pennsylvania, USA in 1974 and 1998 respectively.

What is the biggest 5 bass limit ever?

YouTube angler Ben Milliken was in Texas the last week of February and he and his buddies caught a huge limit of 5 largemouth bass that weighed roughly 60 pounds. Included in that caught is a 16.4-pound largemouth that is the new O.H. Ivie Lake Record.

What state has the largest bass?

“California is the number one trophy state for bass exceeding 15 pounds,” says David Swendseid—bass pro and tackle rep from the Golden State.

What is the lifespan of a bass?

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Where do the biggest bass live?

Fallen trees, big rocks, bridge pilings, weed clumps, even garbage like an old chair — if it blocks current, bass dwell around it. As waves wash away the shore over the years, trees topple into lakes and rivers. Bass typically prefer horizonal cover, especially with overhead protection, and laydowns offer both.

What is a world record bass worth?

Part of its inscription reads: “(Perry) received $75 worth of sporting equipment for his record catch. He was a modest man who never boasted of the record, which now has stood over 70 years. The next world record bass will be worth 8 million dollars, plus endorsements.”

What is the smallest bass ever caught?

Rich Abdoler set a record while fishing from Larry Dablemont’s boat last week. He caught the smallest smallmouth ever seen hooked on a fishing lure. It was less than three inches long!

What lure caught the world record bass?

On a recent trip to Lake Okeechobee, Fla., Sebile set out to fish his way into the record books once again and succeeded on the trip using a lure he designed called the Sebile Proppler Buzz. Sebile connected using the lure on a 61 cm (24.016 inches) largemouth bass, besting the previous record of 59 cm (23.228 inches).

What is the biggest fish ever caught?

The heaviest specimen on record is a bump-head sunfish (M. alexandrini) caught off Kamogawa, Chiba, Japan, in 1996; it weighed 2,300 kg (5,070 lb) and measured 2.72 m (8 ft 11 in) in total length.

How old is a 15 lb bass?

A 15-inch bass might be an average four-year-old, a fast growing three-year-old or a slow growing five-year-old.

How old is a 9 pound bass?

RELEASING A TROPHY LARGEMOUTH BASS For example, a largemouth from the California Delta that weighed 9.69 pounds was 12-years-old, while a 7.94 pounder from Berryessa was 10-years-old.

How big is a 5 year old bass?

According to McHugh, the average 5-year-old bass in Alabama reservoirs will be 17.2 inches long. However he adds that bass of the same age, in the same population, can have quite different growth rates. There is often a range of four or five inches between the largest and smallest individuals of the same age.

How old is a 4lb smallmouth bass?

Do bass remember being caught?

We’ve found through our studies that fish do have a memory. “For example, if a bass is caught on a spinnerbait one day, it’s almost impossible to catch that fish on the same lure the next day.28 Sept 1986

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Are bass good to eat?

Bass are some of the most delicious freshwater gamefish in North America. Be it largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, or the highly prized black sea bass, they are in demand. People can’t seem to get enough of the tender texture and delicious white meat.

Will bass reproduce in a pond?

Finally, bass are really good at reproduction in ponds. The habitat is just right, and those nasty predator species that eat baby bass in big systems are not usually in ponds. Thus, bass in ponds, especially southern ponds, tend to overpopulate.

Why can’t I catch big bass?

The major prerequisites for catching big bass in any water are cover, structure, and proximity to deep water. The actual type of cover varies from water to water. In impoundments, it is often brush and timber. In natural lakes, it is often some type of aquatic plant or a fallen tree along the shore.

Do Big bass stay deep?

If a lake has shad, the bass tend to follow them in the summer and winter. Even bluegill will move out to deeper water during those seasons.” How deep do they go? It depends on the lake, but they can stay shallow if a few basic needs are met, or they could go to cover that’s 25 feet or deeper.

How deep can you catch bass?

Do bass lips heal?

And yes, they do heal from smaller holes in their lips, like all fish do. Its like if someone gets their ear pierced, if they don’t keep an earring in it, the hole will close up.

What is the largest bass caught in the United States?

Richard Tate holds the record with his bass that weighed 16 pounds, 4 ounces caught out of Connor Lake in May of 1985.

What is the biggest fish ever caught on rod and reel?

His vessel often had a multi-season wait list for a chance to catch the giant sharks he’d dubbed “Monster Fish”. His largest monster, a 17-foot Great White Shark weighing 3,427 pounds, in some record books still remains the largest fish ever caught by rod and reel.

What is the world record bluegill?

The world record bluegill recorded by IGFA or the International Gamefish Association was caught in 1950 at Ketona Lake, Alabama. What is this? This bluegill weighed in at a whopping 4 pounds 12 ounces and came in at 15 inches long with an astounding girth of 18-¼ inches.

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Where was world record bass caught?

The All-Tackle record for largemouth bass is the most sought after game fish record in the world. It is the “holy grail” of fishing records. George Perry has held this prestigious title for nearly 83 years, since he pulled his massive 22-pound, 4-ounce fish from Montgomery Lake, Georgia on June 2, 1932.

What was the biggest largemouth bass ever caught?

On March 4, 1980, Raymond Easley caught a 21-pound, three-ounce largemouth bass. At this point in time, this was the biggest largemouth bass anyone had caught since Perry caught the world record bass back in the 1930s. Easley was fishing with a few of his buddies out on Lake Casitas in California.

What is the world record for striped bass?

The world record striped bass, according to the IGFA, is the 81 pounds 14 ounces fish caught in the Long Island Sound, Connecticut by Gregory Myerson on August 4, 2011. Unfortunately, I have never caught a true trophy striped bass, but the thought of fighting this powerful fish keeps me up nights.

What is the biggest bass ever caught in San Diego?

In San Diego, the dream of catching the world record bass can become a reality on any cast. Raymond Easley 21.19 pound monster bass Manabu Kurita with the largest bass officially recorded at 22.311 pounds Arden Hanline’s 19.188 pounder from Lake Morena in 1987

What is the world record for the biggest fish ever caught?

While the organization recognized Trew’s catch — which unofficially weighed between 22.5 and 23 pounds — Perry’s 1932 record maintained its status. Many believe that since Perry’s catch was grandfathered into the record (no photos exist of that fish on a scale or measuring board either), Trew should be the rightful world record holder.

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