Which type of fishing reel is most frequently used for beginners?

If you are buying a fishing reel as a beginner, there are actually many options for you to select from. Knowing and selecting the right one which is suitable for a newcomer fisherman could be a huge hassle, but do not worry, we got you sorted. 

While many people focus on size, there are some other factors that could guide you in choosing the right fishing reel, such as style, potential lifespan, price, and ease of operation. 

This article will help you to better understand the common types of fishing reels for beginners, their pros and cons, and a lot more. When you are through with reading, you will have sufficient knowledge that will guide you in selecting the best for you. So, let’s continue!

Different types of fishing reels for beginners

Though there are numerous fishing reels, three are the most popular that you can easily get in any fishing store, especially when you are buying one as a complete beginner. Highlighted below are the three most popular fishing reels for beginners.

Spincast Reel

Out of the three most popular fishing reels that you can try out as a beginner, the spincast reel is perhaps the simplest in design and for a relatively low price. A typical spincast reel is designed with a metal cone nose, a button for toggling, and a drag adjustment mechanism, which is usually by the side of the handle.

The main function of the metal cone nose is to hide the important parts of the reel, the drag mechanism is to determine the amount of resistance you want the fish to feel, while the toggling button is to determine which part of the line is locked or free-spool.

Casting with this reel is perhaps the simplest among the popular three. Once you are ready, you just press the control button and release it. This will make the line fly out immediately to the exact location where the tip is pointing in the lake. You can then release the button if you want the line to stop.

Spinning Reel

The spinning reels might not be cheap as the spincast ones but it is arguably the one you will see with most anglers. Using it might be complicated unlike when you just press and release a button, but beginners will surely not have any issues after a few days of using it.

Spinning reels are usually larger than the others and the design makes it almost impossible for them to unspool due to the metal bail. The bail is also responsible for ensuring the line returns untangled. The drag adjustment is located at the top of the reel. One of the things that makes the reel unique is that anglers have a natural position and balance while casting, which gives them more comfortable to fish.

Unlike the spincast, casting with the spinning reel is a bit more technical. You have to know the right time for you to release the line. You can even cut yourself if you do the kit wrongly. All you need to do is hold the bail against the rod with your index finger, and then you can release it. This is done to prevent it from unspooling. You can also swing the rod and release your finger when it is halfway to reaching the desired landing spot.

Baitcasting Reel

It is relatively the most sophisticated and advanced out of all the three most popular fishing reels. You need some level of experience before you can use this type of fishing reel. 

It takes time before you can learn the curves, master them and get the required skills to handle them accurately as a newbie angler. They definitely become easier to use once you master the skills of fishing.

One of the things that you will easily notice about the baitcasting reels is that the design is sturdier than the other two. It is designed with a rod handle that is partially closed. 

Next to the handle is the drag mechanism and what makes it unique about this reel is the additional features; the braking and the spool tension knob. These features allow anglers to customize their usage and enhance the performance of the reel.

The baitcasting reel does not have bail. Unlike the spinning reel where you have to hold the bail with your finger, with this type of reel, you will need to use your thumb against the spool to prevent it from unspooling. You don’t necessarily have to do this from the beginning, but it is good practice once you gain some experience. There is a clip that you can press to hold the line in place once the bait hits the desired spot.

So, what’s the best option for a beginner fisherman out of these 3 types of reels?

Now that the different types of options for beginners have been highlighted, you should be able to deduce that the baitcasting reel is not the best option you should opt for if you are trying fishing for the first time. Not only does it take time to learn and master its usage, but it also takes more money. If you will be going out fishing very soon, you should definitely go with a spincast reel, as that is the right option for newcomer anglers and the easiest to handle.


There are three common types of fishing reels that you can try out as a beginner. Each has its pros and cons. The spinning reel is recommended for beginners because of its distance and you can learn its usage within a few days. Happy fishing 

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